(3 Year Certification)

Recommended for: Camp Staff, Girl Scout/Boy Scout/Trip Leaders, Teachers.

Running Time: 7 Hour

Small Craft Safety

Taking a Small Craft Safety Class

This class covers general considerations for operating small watercrafts safely (including the general principles of water safety, water safety in moving-water environments and legal requirements); guidelines for trip planning, supervision and preparing for emergencies; water rescue skills for self-rescue, as well as for assisting others in an aquatic emergency; emergency care for selected conditions; and craft-specific information for the safe operation of canoes, kayaks, sailboats and rowboats.

In addition our class also teaches how to effectively recognize and respond to small craft emergencies and provide  appropriate rescue techniques. Those  teaches all the canoe strokes,  parts of the canoe, how to  select a canoe, how to select a PFD. Rescue techniques will be covered, including self-rescue and  rescuing others. Sometime will be spent on how to teach campers how to canoe and kayak, but no  instructor certification will be issued. Small Craft Safety Canoeing & Kayaking Certifications will  be issued and are valid for 3 years. This course meets the ACA Standard PA 20 and meets boating training guidelines established by NY DOH.

What You Learn

The purpose of Heart Life CPR's Small Craft Safety course is to provide individuals such as camp personnel and trip leaders with information and skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and respond to small craft emergencies. This course will also prepare individuals for small craft emergencies I teaching them how to protect themselves while assisting others.

What We Cover

  • Learn to recognize, present, and respond to aquatic emergencies

  • Learn how to recognize specific characteristic behaviors of distressed swimmers and active and passive drowning victims

  • Learn how to prevent small craft accidents, injuries and fatalities

  • Understand different types of open water environments and their potential hazards

  • Understand the responsibilities of small craft trip planning, supervision and emergency preparation

  • Understand and perform self rescue skills suck my aquatic emergencies

  • Provide assistance to others using non-swimming rescues

  • Perform proper techniques to care for a possible head, neck or back injury

  • Learn basic safety guidelines for canoeing, kayaking, sailing and/or rowing

  • Learn how to rescue yourself and others when supervising canoeing, kayaking, sailing and/or rowing activities


Why Get Certified 

The Small Craft Safety certification process takes just a few hours to complete, but can help you deliver the care that someone needs while waiting for medical professionals to arrive.

When you successfully complete any of our in-person or blended learning courses, you'll receive a two-year certification, as well as access to refreshers that can help you maintain your skills throughout your certification period.

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