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(2 Year Certification)

Recommended for: Laypeople, Security Guards, Fitness Trainers and Teachers.

Running Time: 1-8 Hours

First Aid/ CPR/AED


Taking a First Aid/CPR/AED Class

Prepare for the unexpected with First Aid/CPR/AED training from Heart Life CPR. Our curriculum, is taught by our Heart Life CPR expert instructors. Our convenient and affordable courses can help your organization become OSHA compliant – and empower your team to provide care when it's needed most. With award-winning in classroom trainings held at our convenient locations throughout Connecticut, and best-in-class Blended Simulation Learning, we offer training that's designed to suit your schedule and your learning style.


Whether you take an in-person class or take advantage of the Simulation Learning Experience, which combines online coursework with in-person training, you'll learn from some of the best in the industry. Knowledgeable, understanding and able to deliver information suited to a wide range of learning styles, Heart Life CPR's First Aid/CPR/AED instructors will help ensure that you not only understand the steps for performing First Aid/CPR/AED skills, but that you have the confidence and skills necessary to perform them correctly.

Heart Life CPR’s First Aid/CPR/AED training classes give you the information and the skills you need to help adults and children during many emergency situations.

Combinations Include:

- First Aid/CPR/AED


- First Aid/CPR


Choose from one or a combination of:

Adult Only, Child Only, Infant Only or

Pediatrics (Child and Infant)