Course Details:

21 Hour Course. 


Norwich, CT and Willimantic, CT


High School Diploma

Medication Administration

About our Medication Administration Certification Course

This program is offered in partnership with Health Flex Careers. This series of courses are taught by trained Nurses who teach direct support professionals how to administer oral, eye, ear, topical, and nasal medications.


Medication Administration I demonstrates performance of health-related activities and mediation preparation, administration, and documentation for each route of medication administration presented in the 14 hour course. A 2 hour renewal courses is also offered for Medication I.


Medication Administration II provides training on how to administer and document administering, feedings, cleaning, and medication through G/J tubes. A 4 hour G/J tube and 1 hour renewal courses are available.


Medication Administration III teaches the signs, symptoms, and management of diabetes, and administering, and documentation of subcutaneous insulin injections.A 4 hour class.




18 years of age

Valid Government Issued ID

​Working for DODD company or Independent Provider