(2 Year AHA Certification)

Recommended for: All healthcare professionals and medical personnel who need to be able to recognize and manage pediatric emergencies.

Running Time: 6 Hours



Taking a PEARS Class

You can’t plan for a pediatric emergency. Medical professionals must act quickly to assist any of the children in your vicinity if they collapse or stop breathing. When accidents happen — and they do happen — you want to be ready. Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition, and Stabilization (PEARS) is training and certification program that gives non-healthcare hospital employees the skills and knowledge they need to provide first-response assistance in the event of a pediatric emergency. If you work in a healthcare facility, obtaining your PEARS certification is vital. Here at Heart Life CPR, we are proud to offer a single-day, 6-hour PEARS certification course to groups and individuals in the Tri-State area of: Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts. Learn more about PEARS training below, and enroll with our award-winning team today!

Heart Life CPR is known throughout the Tri-State area of: Connecticut, Rhode Island & Massachusetts as a leading provider of CPR and first aid training classes. But we offer much more than just courses in basic lifesaving skills. If your work requires more advance training that includes needing to attend a PEARS training class in order to obtain your PEARS certification, Heart Life CPR has the right PEARS class for you.

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